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Saionara Wax Vaporizer Attachment

Saionara Wax Vaporizer Attachment


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Product description from manufacturer:

We designed, developed and successfully manufactured the only adjustable, conjunctive airflow atomizer in the world with a replaceable coil!  The Saionara also contains a splash cup to preserve the concentrate and prevent spillage.  The Saionara is so unique, and produces such a huge vapor that we have a patent pending (US 62/326,504).

We can offer a lifetime warranty (on all parts except the coil) because of the solid stainless steel construction.

The Saionara starts with a 510 thread which is standard throughout industry whether it’s dry concentrate or e-juice, standard threading can fit on any device that has 510 threads - it is universal to fit on other battery packs.

The Saionara is constructed out of thick stainless steel so that it retains heat and has a thicker core where the core will retain that heat better.  Typically vaporizers are designed to reduce heat with the materials they use which is the opposite of what this device does.  The reason we use a thicker material is because we are doing a conjunctive air flow where we are slowly stepping up the warmer air before it gets to the coil so that you are not pulling in cold air against a hot coil which is too dynamic. Once the base is warmed, based upon the user determination (there is no lowest or highest) the Saionara will get a different result.

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